Our Journey

It was the year 2000… while the whole world was adapting to the changes and challenges that came with the new millennium, Filipinos were being introduced to a new cool treat: the soft-serve ice cream.

Mr. Softy – the pioneer and what was to become the leading company of its kind in the country – started when its President, Victorino Perea, a former sales manager of CFC Corporation’s Presto ice cream, brought home from the USA a soft serve machine.

Realizing a potential innovative business venture, this became the means of a dream to provide Filipinos affordable ice cream treat that is delicious, creamy and of good quality.

Along with Mr. Perea’s vast expertise and lengthy experience in the ice cream industry, his whole family felt confident about this new endeavor.  Thus, on November 10, 2000, the first Mr. Softy was opened at the Sta. Elena Public Market in Marikina.  Starting off with only five flavors in rotation – as they only had a single nozzle machine – the members of the Perea family also took turns in manning the outlet. 

With the aim of consistently serving its customers with well-proven quality soft ice cream; and by providing its franchisees with high quality service, careful store potential assessment, and a direct, friendly and expert approach to the business, Mr. Softy has continued to flourish possibly well into the next millennium.